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Tracy Stocking Utah Healthcare Architect

Tracy Stocking, AIA

President, Managing Partner

Raised in architecturally rich cities including London, New Orleans, and San Francisco, Tracy spent his formative years surrounded by inspiring architecture and absorbed the fabric of those great buildings and public spaces. Throughout his career, he has gravitated to projects that supported a mission and gave back to society. He finds rich fulfillment in working with and supporting those who perform meaningful work in healing, research and education. Tracy’s ability to develop lasting relationships through intensive customer service and exceptional project delivery enabling each client to achieve their goals has fostered strong relationships with our clients. Outside the office, Tracy enjoys restoring his century-old home, spending time with family, and hitting the links.

Nathan Murray Utah Healthcare Architect

Nathan Murray, AIA

Design Partner, Vice President

Naturally inclined from his earliest years with a vivid imagination and a drive to bring ideas to paper and then to life, Nathan is fueled by the intricate and multi-level connection between the built environment and the human experience. Unquestionably his evolution and transformation to becoming a healthcare architect has been inspired along the way by meeting revolutionary minds like medical pioneer Patch Adams. With an intense drive to delve into the core motivation and mission behind each client and organization he is involved with, Nathan possesses the unique ability to draw out the aspirational goals at the heart of each—creating a deeply-meaningful and tangible realization. Away from the drawing table, he can be found exploring the wild, traveling the world with his family or getting his hands dirty in the garden.

Doug Banks Utah Healthcare Architect

Doug Banks, AIA

Principal, Secretary/Treasurer

Led by a wide variety of many interests and influences, Doug knew he would become an architect before entering high school. His journey towards specializing in mission-driven architecture began at the outset of his career - as projects came and went, he found he had a natural inclination towards architecture in the healthcare arena and found himself with many opportunities to refine his expertise. Ever on the quest for perfection, Doug takes extreme care to understand and empathize with stakeholders and users alike, culminating in an end product that both he and the client can take great pride in for years to come. Away from work, he spends his time volunteering with his church, supporting his children in sports, and remodeling his home.

Anna Miller Utah Healthcare Architect

Anna Miller

Graphic Designer, Administrative Assistant

Anna is our team’s graphic artist, event planner, and organization guru. With a strong background in graphic design and an affinity for finding creative solution to any problem, Anna’s keen eye for detail keeps our public presentation in fine form. Her love of typography and meticulous attention to detail refines each presentation and proposal, elevating our approach and execution in each and every project pursuit. When she’s not traveling to distant lands with her family, she enjoys trying new recipes, experimenting with recycled art, and attending community cultural events.

Barton Done Utah Healthcare Architect

Barton Done


A natural-born critical thinker with a creative drive, Barton felt compelled to pursue architecture at the start of his university education. Exposed to a wide variety of medical facilities throughout his graduate studies, he became acutely aware of and driven towards well-designed buildings that are geared towards the people they serve. Barton has a unique ability to look at projects holistically and understands complex systems. He draws on these abilities each day as he works to ensure what he is drawing will fulfill its intended function. Outside the office, he explores the outdoors skiing, touring, and cycling with his family and dog.

Cali Goff Utah Healthcare Architecture

Cali Goff

Marketing Manager

Cali is fascinated by people who have the ability to create beautiful spaces that defy the norm. She enjoys being able to transform the physical experience of the architecture created by our team into written and visual content. A natural champion for good, she takes immense joy in supporting and promoting our team of experts to our clients, the industry, and the community as a whole. When not at work, she can be found playing with her sons, reading, or going for a run.

Jessica Petersen Utah Healthcare architect

Jessica Petersen

Accountant, Office Manager

Inspired by the beauty and interest good architecture provides the world, Jess handles finance and office management with focused attention to detail. She looks forward to coming in every day and making sure our clients, employees, and consultants are well taken care of. Jess goes out of her way to lighten our principals’ loads, keeping them free to focus on and be involved with each client and project. With precision and exactness, she approaches each day and responsibility in an unparalleled fashion and finds joy in coming to work each morning. When she isn’t crunching numbers, she enjoys volunteering at her kids’ school, helping her husband run his dental practice, or getting away for the weekend.

Marnie Jacobsen Utah Healthcare Architect

Marnie Jacobsen

Project Architect

In her youth, Marnie found inspiration in watching her father build their childhood home and became fascinated with the design-build process. She finds purpose and joy in bringing an abstract idea to physical reality that others can enjoy and experience. Specializing in design for health was a natural path as it allows her to combine her passion for architecture with talented medical staff, influencing patient lives in many facets. When away from her desk, she enjoys spending time with her 3 children, husband, and a good book.

Rachel McKenzie Utah Healthcare Architect

Rachel McKenzie, AIA, NCARB

Associate, Project Architect

Compelled from her youth to organize space and map plans to bring ideas from dream to reality, Rachel found architecture a natural fit. As an architect she finds great fulfillment in creating spaces that take part in so many of life’s moments, particularly environments for healthcare. Rachel’s strengths make her an ideal project manager, visualizing the end goal and managing teams to meet that goal. Throughout the design process, she seeks not only to produce beautiful buildings, but establish lasting and meaningful client relationships. A lover of design in all forms, she spends her free time in the mountains skiing, biking, hiking, and exploring the beauty of nature.

Sara Cooper TSA Architects Healthcare Interior Designer

Sara Cooper

Interior Designer

Acutely attuned to the user experience, Sara understands that the environment in which we spend our time as a patient can leave a lasting impression. Sara's deep passion for making the spaces we inhabit positive and timeless manifests as she pursues design for health, making her mark on the human experience. Employing her natural gift for connecting with others, Sara delves deep into each client's story and extracts their vision with passion that cultivates interiors that exude excellence in function and aesthetics. Outside the office, Sara grounds herself in nature and on her yoga mat.

Sean Bujold Healthcare Architect in Utah

Sean Bujold, AIA

Senior Architect

Possessing a wealth of experience in projects of all scopes and sizes, Sean's fascination with architecture took root in his 8th grade drafting class. As his career unfolded, a series of organic events paired with his affinity for computers and technology opened doors as he developed a passion for healing design. Sean believes that good architecture manifests through sound process and even better communication, and he works tirelessly to get to the heart of the project. He stands by the truth that value is much, much more than just a beautiful building. Sean's free time is spent as an endurance coach, avid cyclist, and intentionally enjoying life's journey through work, music, and competition.

Stephanie kwok interior designer tsa architects

Stephanie Kwok

Interior Designer

Raised in Hong Kong and influenced by a strong culture of respecting space as a precious commodity, Stephanie is very in tune with the energy and purpose of every environment. Her natural ability to blend beauty found a seamless connection to higher-purpose organizations when as a student she had the opportunity to design a children’s hospital lobby. Stephanie loves learning about cultural norms and differences surrounded the human experience and integrating those characteristics into design. She takes special care to consciously study and internalize the vision of each client and transforms that into a tangible reality. Away from work, she enjoys traveling to new places, going to festivals and concerts, and culinary experimentation.

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